Monday, May 22, 2017

Discounts available

Some good deals off the book's $79.99 list price as of May 22:   

    • Amazon has dropped the price to $69.86.
    • Barnes and Noble has it for $68.81.
    • Use code LYON2017 at checkout to get 20% off (making it $63.99) at Cambridge University Press.
    • Google Books has a free preview drawn from Parts I & II
    • If you are interested in the book for a course, contact providing details and ask for a free examination copy; let me know and I'll bug them for you.
    Let me know if you are able to get it outside the US or have other good deals to report.
      May 26 update:  Amazon is following Barnes&Noble with daily price drops.  Now both at $65.75.
      May 28 update:  B&N continues to drop the price, a dollar per day, with Amazon following.  Now $63.77!
      June 10 update:  Amazon didn't quite follow B&N down to $62.77, but compromised at $63.13; now B&N is on the way back up – will Amazon follow?

      Monday, May 8, 2017

      It ships!

      The book is shipping!  I got my first copies Friday, and Amazon pre-orders are expected to be delivered tomorrow.  It looks and feels great – hefty at nearly 600 pages, but not too fat.

      Want a discount?  Email me.  Cambridge has a code good for 20% off (but maybe with Amazon's price and free shipping, you're as well off ordering there).  I look forward to signing copies for anyone who gets one.

      I've found a few minor bugs already. I'm still offering $1 per bug reported.  I'll start an errata list soon.

      And if you'd  like to consider the book for a course, the publisher might send you a free examination copy.  Let me know if interested.