Saturday, April 27, 2019

More bugs, more apologies ...

... and some translations in progress. 

Japanese and Chinese translations are being worked on.  My Japanese translator, Professor Iku Nemoto, has been really great at digging into things that are unclear, or in some cases downright wrong.

The worst one is where I seem to have dropped some text between saying "The physical model of Liu and Neely (2009) ..." and proceeding to describe the model of Wen and Boahen (2003).  I'll work on reconstructing what I meant to say, and apologizing to the authors.

These are less important, but I wish I had got them right:

p.340 says "90 degrees at 1/32 of the sample rate (that is at 687 Hz…".  Should be 22050/32 = 689.0625, or just 689 Hz.

p.269 "the fluid moves down the scala tympani, ... and back down the scala vestibuli" – I got the scala names reversed here, though I had them right elsewhere.