Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Five-star reviews

You can tell who my friends are:  check out the nice 5-star reviews on Amazon.  Jordan Cohen is referenced in the book as probably the first to show a big improvement in speech recognition performance by moving to a more auditory front-end, at IBM in the 80s (after he turned down my job offer that he alludes to in his review).  Lloyd Watts did a lot of great work on cochlear modeling, as a grad student at Caltech, and later founded Audience to apply those ideas to valuable machine hearing problems such as noise suppression in mobile phones; I reference a number of his results, and use one of his figures.  Thanks, guys!

Of course, big thanks also to friends Roy Patterson, Bill Yost, and Dan Levitin, who wrote the "advance praise" blurbs on the back cover, and who have encouraged this line of work for decades.

More reviews, wherever you got the book, are good for me, for the field, and for the market.  Thanks, readers!

Monday, June 19, 2017


  • First bug report, by Erick Gallun: in first sentence of section 6.2, "to an output function to time" should be "to an output function of time." He gets the first bug bounty dollar, and my thanks (note that I edited this post after he commented below; hope that's not confusing).
  • Jeff Rector earns a dollar for spotting "simultaeous", which should be "simultaneous", in section 4.5 (page 55). 
  • Tomek Maka earns a buck for the misformatted equation in the box "Example: Delay Lines and Moving-Average Filters" in chapter 12.  Should be H(s)=\frac{Y(s)}{X(s)}=\exp(-sT).
  • Responding to my challenge to readers on section 17.2, AndrĂ© van Schaik reported the typo on page 311, second paragraph, where "a sampling term" should be "a damping term".

Friday, June 16, 2017

Available in "UK and Europe"

Human and Machine Hearing is now launching in Europe.  Publisher says "Cambridge University Press is delighted to confirm that Human and Machine Hearing will publish on 15 June 2017 in the UK and Europe."

  • Book Depository has a great price (£51.05, €58.38, $65.37), all currencies, and free shipping worldwide.
  • Amazon.co.uk has it for £48.99 (that's 11% off the £54.99 list price).  June 17 update: the discount appears to have gone away; it's now listed at full price; keep an eye on it.
  • Blackwell's has it at £48.99 with free UK delivery.
  • Amazon.de has a modest discount, to match buch24.de and buecher.de at EUR 66.99; Amazon.fr looks expensive.
  • Cambridge University Press is offering a 20% discount at their UK site; use discount code LYON2017 at checkout; this work for pounds and dollars – haven't tried Euros.
  • I don't know what other book sellers are big in Europe; let me know.