Monday, June 19, 2017


  • First bug report, by Erick Gallun: in first sentence of section 6.2, "to an output function to time" should be "to an output function of time." He gets the first bug bounty dollar, and my thanks (note that I edited this post after he commented below; hope that's not confusing).
  • Jeff Rector earns a dollar for spotting "simultaeous", which should be "simultaneous", in section 4.5 (page 55). 
  • Tomek Maka earns a buck for the misformatted equation in the box "Example: Delay Lines and Moving-Average Filters" in chapter 12.  Should be H(s)=\frac{Y(s)}{X(s)}=\exp(-sT).
  • Responding to my challenge to readers on section 17.2, André van Schaik reported the typo on page 311, second paragraph, where "a sampling term" should be "a damping term".


  1. I'm not to section 17 yet, but this sentence from 6.2 should be fixed.
    "A system is a device or a mathematical abstraction that maps an input function of time to an output function to time."

  2. Hi Dick,

    Really nice job on the book! The erroneous word in 17.2 is ‘sampling’ in the first line of the second paragraph on p 311. Should be ‘damping’.


  3. Thanks, André, you get that dollar!